Read Timmy Timkins Warner Chappell Music Fight

Hi Everyone In The World!
I am Little Timmy Timkins And I Have A Concern I wish To Explain.

Little Timmy World Tour

Timmy Really Knows How To Sport A Pose!

There Is A Big Mean Legal Firm Called Warner Chappell And They Are Pushy And Arrogant.
They Push Their “Educated” Bloat Onto YouTube And Insist YouTube Enforce Their Opinions About Their Right To Demand The Public Listen To Their Music On Publicly Broadcast Radio Stations In Shopping Malls, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, All The Music Available In Our Family Automobile, etc.

I Feel Its Time For A Change! That The Citizens Of The World, Rise Up And Stand Together On This Important Subject -Music And The Internet!

Now I Understand That Musicians Ought To Be Paid For Their Creativity, Don’t Get ME Wrong!!!
But Here Is A Story I Heard:

Back In The 1960’s, A Group Of Guys Got Together To Perform A Song Called “In-A-Godda-Da-Vida” Don Chu Know That I Love You, Honey….. Er Something Like That.

Basically, I Understand That At First, The Studio Musicians (Back Up Musicians) Did A Sound Check, At Which Time They Just Jammed The Tune, While The Engineer Did A “TEST” Recording.

Later, The “Real” Song Was Recorded For Reals, But The TEST Version Was Already Being Heard On Radio!!!!
So, Ever Since The 1960’s, There Has Been The Song d “In-A-Godda-Davida” Playing Millions And Millions Of Times! Whether Or Not We Wanted To Hear It Or Not, Or Not.

Those Guys Who Jammed In The Studio That Day Spent Only Two Hours In The Studio!!!
Yet, For Those TWO HOURS, Every Single City In Every Single Country In The World Has Been Forced To Have That Song Embedded In Their DNA.
Warner Chappell Collects Money Every Single Time That Boring Old Hippie Song Plays On Classic Rock Stations, Everywhere!

Yet, EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF USE Is DOOMED To be Stuck With The Recording Of d “In-A-Godda-Da-Vida” Permeating Our Minds For Ever!!!

This Is ONE EXAMPLE Where Warner Chappell Needs To Be Held Accountable!!!!!!

So I Am A Country Singer, And I Have Created Some Songs Which Are Catchy.
I Try To Believe That My Songs Are Original, But I Sometimes When I Push Music Up To YouTube, Then YouTube Immediately Scans My Songs And Claims That I am Infringing Upon Warner Chappels Copyright Ownership Rights!

Well, I Disagree!!!!! The Songs I Have Been Singing To Were Created By Finding Piano Sheet Music, Which Was Bought AND Paid For By My Dear Old Grand-mama and Grand-daddy -Bless Their Hearts…

Well That Sheet Music Was Already Bought And Paid For, And I Don’t See Any Reason Why I Cannot Play My Own Little Old Casio Keyboard And Put That Music Into My Daddy’s PC Computer And Produce A New Song Specially Made By Me!!

I Did One Song, But YouTube Did Not Detect What It Was From, So That’s OK, But Other Times I Have Been Upset By Having To Listen To That Music In The Piggly Wiggly Store While Shoppin’ With My Cousin And It’ll Always Be In My Mind Forever, And I Want To Challenge Warner Chappell In The United States Supreme Court, With The Citizens Of The World Behind My Fight!!

If You Agree, And Will Contribute A Small Amount Through PayPal (Hay, How Come My Bank Don’t Allow Payments Directly Into My Bank Account, And Why We Gotta Use PAYPAL??? Or Why Don’t The Goverment Allow Us All To Exchange Money Cross The Internet If They’re So Smart???

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